Leighton West (North), Crewe

The Site Location and Planning Context

The site is located approximately 3.2km north west of the Town Centre of Crewe and comprises grazed pasture and arable land separated into fields by hedgerows. There are also two high voltage overhead power lines that cross the area in a northeast to southwest direction. The site is bound by Minshill New Road and residential areas to the east, arable land to the north, Mile House Farm, Leighton Hospital, Middlewich Road (A530) and arable land to the west, and arable land with industrial areas to the south.

The site is allocated in the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy (July 2017) as part of Site LPS4: Leighton West and LPS5: Leighton.  Combined these allocations proposed a total of 1,350 new homes; a new mixed-use local centre and 5ha of additional employment land. 

Description of Development

Residential led mixed use development, comprising of up to 850 new homes; new local centre; land for a new primary school; provision of public open space and associated infrastructure works.

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Land off Orchard Street, Salford

The Site

The site is immediately west of the residential areas of Lower Broughton and Charlestown, within the ward of Irwell River. The site extends to 8.39 hectares which is split into two parcels divided by Holland Street. The site comprises brownfield land currently used for a mix of employment uses, including heavy industrial, commercial and warehousing and storage of a variety of materials. The immediate surrounding area is commercial and residential in nature. 

The Proposals

Connell Property Partnerships and Shea Investments are proposing a residential development of up to 469 apartments and family homes on land off Orchard Street.   

The application will be submitted in outline and proposes to demolish all the existing structures and outline planning application for residential development of up to 469 dwellings.   

The application is therefore only concerned with the principle of residential development at the site at this stage and the parameters within which any future development would be considered acceptable. The parameters include:

·       Development Area: 8.39ha

·       Capacity: 469 Units

·       Max Building Height: Up to 5 storeys (approximately 15 metres). 

The Illustrative Masterplan shows a potential configuration and layout for a residential development comprising of up to 469 dwellings and provides a broad platform upon which the details of the Reserved Matters application can be agreed.  It has been developed through an iterative design process taking into account the key site constraints and opportunities paying due regard to the findings and recommendations of the various technical reports and surveys which have been undertaken.   

Some of the benefits of the development include;

·      Redevelopment of a previously developed site;

·      Provision of policy compliant open space;

·      Increased provision of high-quality family housing;

·      Contribution to Salford’s 5-year housing land supply;

·      New residents to enhance the skills base and labour supply in the local area; and

·      Generation of significant direct and indirect economic benefits. 

Please see supporting documentation for more details.

We would welcome your thoughts on the emerging proposals by email at info@howplanning.com or in writing to the Planning Team, GVA HOW Planning, Norfolk House, 7 Norfolk Street, Manchester M2 1DW.

Recent Consultation - School Lane, Leyland

Proposal for a new Aldi foodstore

Following distribution of our community newsletter to 2,500 local households in mid-October and in preparation of the planning application, this consultation has now closed. For full information on the proposed development please refer to the pdf’s opposite.