Plans Approved for Drinkhouse Farm Site

Acting on behalf of Quantil Agriculture Ltd, Manchester based HOW Planning has secured full planning permission for an exclusive residential development comprising four new homes on the Drinkhouse Farm site in Croston, Lancashire.

Securing planning permission for the new development will generate funds necessary to facilitate reinvestment in the company’s seed processing facility, which is the only one of its kind in the North West.

The 0.39ha Drinkhouse Farm site is located within an area of Greenbelt, but the plans ensure the new dwellings will sit comfortably in their setting, replacing the existing agriculture structures and making a positive contribution to the village.

Says Richard Barton, Partner at HOW Planning: “Obtaining planning permission by demonstrating very special circumstances has been important for our client as it means they plan with confidence for the future at a time of general uncertainty. The investment from the new development, which has been carefully designed to complement the surrounding area, will be reinvested in the company to ensure the business remains competitive for years to come.”

Plans for the new development will ensure existing landscaping is retained whilst including the demolition of the current agriculture structures and erection of new dwellings with open space, enhanced landscaping and access.


Published: 16/08/2017

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